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Working Dogs or Family Pets

We Train them ALL


Trained Dogs think they are Lapdogs

Training a dog correctly will bring both love and protection.

Stop Crime at your Door

Never be afraid in your OWN home.

No One should EVER be afraid to protect their family.

Police and Army Dogs

Man's Best Friend

"Protection of man since time began"

We Love Family Pets

The Bigger the Better

We love training family dogs

By teaching your new or current dog enhanced skills, we set a foundation that's easy for you and your dog
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What Makes Us Different Specializing in Tougher Breeds (we love small dogs too though)

We Train ALL Dogs

Many trainers are afraid to handle those dogs that are labeled "untrainable". ALL Dogs can be trained and I welcome those dog

Dog Psychology

Teaching your dog psychology is by far the first step in making your dog the family pet that you want him to be

NO Treat Training

Treats are great for dogs, however; they are NOT for training. Dogs need praise, but if you give them a treat for everything,

Dog Intellegence

The challenge for every trainer is to determine small enough training steps that the dog can understand the training

Pack Leadership

Establishing the pack leaders is the most important thing to do from the first day your dog comes home

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Successfully Trained Dogs...
We have successfully trained over 6000 Dogs
Over 40 Years
I have been training dogs since I was a teenager.
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Fun Facts About DogsLet the truth be told

6666,000 Pups
If never spayed or neutered, a female dog, her mate, and their puppies could produce over 66,000 dogs in 6 years!
A one year old dog is as mature, physically, as a 15 year old human
Greyhounds are the fastest dogs on earth, with speeds of up to 45 miles per hour
Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic – a Newfoundland, a Pomeranian, and a Pekingese